Designing my first custom PCB with Fritzing!


This is rockin my yacht right now.

Much better than Eagle.


I’m creating a twitter gateway to will run an electric bird on a hat in response to certain hashtags. More soon.



Electric Imp – TempBug tutorial from Tom Buttner


My first project using the electric imp!

Tom Buttner created an excellent tutorial as an instructable earlier this year:

I went through his steps, and the soldering/testing was very simple. I ran into my first roadblock while getting BlinkUp to work, which was a bummer. I checked the circuits. Everything looked good… I simply could not get BlinkUp working over the wifi connection at home. One beer later, I ended up using WPS and got that to work (Time Machine/MPA/next available WPS attempt). ┬áNext, I couldn’t see the imp refresh with the thermistor code, so I poked around in the docs, (I’m always too impatient to read the docs but in this case, RTFM) et voila, there is a known bug with just having one set of firmware code saved. After adding a second one (just a simple two line Hello World), it refreshed! Added the Show Input node, and I had a data! Well, streaming to the servers at Electric Imp, so I then added the Cosm node. Cosm is now Xively, and their tagline is “The world’s first IoT Public Cloud.” I have to admit, they’re pretty slick. And free!

Planner shot:


Note: Cosm is now Xively, and a datastream is now a Channel in the new UI.

I set up a channel/datastream and you can see the data here:

So purty. I fiddled with the code and got the readings to come in with less latency:


It’s beer o’clock again!